Customized Dentures in Ramsgate

max denture
A denture service is a dental treatment that involves creating and fitting removable artificial teeth to replace missing natural teeth. At Max Dental we can help you determine if dentures are the best option and what type of denture would be most suitable.

Different types of dentures are available, including:

Acrylic Dentures: Acrylic dentures are removable dentures made of a hard plastic material that can replace all or some of the missing teeth in the mouth.

Chrome Dentures: Chrome dentures are removable dentures made of a metal framework and acrylic teeth designed to be thinner and more comfortable than traditional acrylic dentures.

Flexible Dentures: Flexible dentures are a type of removable denture made of a flexible, lightweight material that can be more comfortable and less prone to breaking than other types of dentures.

Also we offer

Denture Repair: Denture repair services can fix broken or damaged dentures to help restore their function and appearance.

Denture Relining: Denture relining services involve adding or replacing material to the denture’s base to improve its fit and comfort.